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11/15/2005 110 #4: Restoration
This is 110 hull number 4 ,built by Ray Hunt himself. The owner wants to restore to sailing condition. . We will rebuild it piece by piece, thus preserving the original number and shape. The hull was blocked up and stabilized with intermediate ribs and strong backing .Then new ribs will be fit and installed. Once in place, the new ribs will allow the sides to be removed and replaced. Sides, bottom, and upper chines have been replaced, and final fitting on the deck is underway. We will finish the rigging before these decks are installed, but you can start to see how it will end up. this project is wrapping up as we are now in to paint and final assembly once the mast shows up from California(if it ever shows up) We are now ready for glassing ,installing the keel,fairing and painting.