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1/25/2005 - Farrier F-9A: Bottom Repairs/Refinish
1/25/2005 - Farrier F-9A Bottom Repairs/Refinish This is a regular customer's boat. We normally fold out the boat and spray Baltoplate bottom paint, and wetsand to 600 grit for a racing finish. This year we noticed areas of crazing under the bottom paint, and decided to strip all of the old finish and fairing off of the hull. These boats are custom built, and this one had no barrier coat between the hull glass and the fairing, resulting in water getting into all of the fairing. We stripped the hull, re glassed areas that were water damaged or where glass was missing (!!!), barrier coated with West Epoxy and Barrier Coat additive, faired the entire area, barrier coated with Interprotect 2000, and then sprayed Baltoplate again. This was a huge job, and one that could have been avoided had the boat been barrier coated when it was built. It is very important to keep water out of your hull laminates, and only proper barrier coat will prevent water from getting through. Bare laminates, bottom paint, even epoxy by itself are all porous to water.