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New boats are nice, but why not restore your old, beat up boat to like new condition for a fraction of the cost? We specialize in custom repairs of racing dinghies including Vanguard 15s, Lasers, Sunfish, 420s, 470's, 505's, and Optimists. Many banged up boats have entered Guck, Inc. only to emerge looking like new.
Over the years we have perfected certain repairs for damage that we see often, including V-15 centerboard trunk repairs, stern quarter rebuilds, and rail repairs, blade refurbishment and fairing. We can also replace your damaged 420 keelsons, or install a whole new Optimist deck on your damaged fleet boats!

Dinghy Fleet Repairs

We can provide your college, yacht club or other institution with a real and cost effective alternative to fleet replacement. There is absolutely no reason to replace your fleet when we can restore all of the boats to "like new" condition for a fraction of the cost. We can restore the strength and beauty of the entire fleet, ensuring durability for years to come.
We do not simply repair structural problems; we find smart solutions that will prevent the damage from returning. For example, if your 420 keelsons are all cracked, we will replace the whole part with a stronger one that will not continue to break.
Our customers have found that our work adds years to the lives of their boats and provides an economical alternative to purchasing a new fleet.
Some of the fleets we recently restored are those of Milton Academy, Yale and Brown University, Vineyard Haven YC, Nantucket Community Sailing, Wianno YC and Bristol YC. We prefer to do fleet restorations between October and April so please call us for scheduling. See our Standard Repairs for some of the most common repairs.