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If racing is your game, then Guck, Inc. should be your boat shop! Every member of our staff is a champion racer, with many National, North American, and World Championships to our credit, including titles in Laser, Sunfish, 505, International Canoe, V-15, and A Class. We are mostly dinghy and multihull nuts, but we can surly make your keelboat faster as well (2004 J-24 World Champion Salsa is a regular at Guck, Inc.)

Blade Fairing

We can take your beat up foils and make them better than new. Our Template Service will ensure that your blades are symmetric, properly shaped according to NACA sections, and smoothly finished with a mirror shine. This is the single most important part of boat preparation and you will see the difference the first time you race.

Blade and Rig Alignment

Many boats do not have their foils lined up properly, even if they are straight from the factory! If your helm feels different from tack to tack, you may be suffering from this common problem. We can help you shim your CB straight, and then make sure that your rudder lines up correctly. Even keel boats can benefit from this service.

Championship Rigging

Update your deck layout for optimal performance and ease of operation. We can equip your boat with the best possible technology, from high tech lines, PBO standing rigging, to the latest in blocks, winches, and cleats. Make your boat easier to sail and the gains will be immediate!

Bottom Fairing

On both dinghies and keel boats, a smooth bottom is critical. We can help you reach your racing goals with many levels of bottom work. Many dry sailed boats can benefit from a professional wetsanding job, which will remove all traces of "print through" and minor scratches, and give you that high gloss gelcoat finish you see on the top boats.

If your bottom is old and beat up, we can fair and refinish in gelcoat, restoring your trusty racer to a better than new level!

Grand Prix Bottom Painting

If you wet sail your boat, we can give you a “no-compromise” racing finish in either Baltoplate, VC Offshore, or the new Vivid paint from Petit. We can remove your old bottom paint, fair your hull to any level, and then spray on your paint of choice, and wetsand off any remaining texture. You will not believe the difference!